Energy Seminars

This site arose in response to two seminars I gave in the spring of 2008, at the University of Oklahoma. Copies of the slides are NOT available here, because some of the photos and figures are not necessarily in the public domain.

As an alternative to the slides, I offer the following summaries:

The above summaries, together with the links, provide more complete information than the actual seminars.

By the way, my most highly recommended reference on the future of global energy supply is within the PDF document Shell energy scenarios to 2050, available at the site. You may want to jump to that straight away.

Climate modeling

This site also has a page showing results from my radiative convective model. The model was used for a novel purpose in my investigation of NestedRadiation.

Climate Analysis

An investigation into La Nina and Oklahoma Summer Precipitation. (Summer 2012)

An investigation into the CRUTEM surface temperature data set, as inspired by an exercise from my freshman programming course. (Summer 2014)

Python for Probability of Precipitation Verification (Summer 2014)

Energy Analysis